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I basically expect every couple I like to have engagement photos somewhere in the vicinity of this cute.

(C’mon, Zerrie.) 


Kate and Will arriving to Easter Sunday Service. Kate is wearing an Alexander McQueen coat with Jane Taylor Hat.


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Kate seemed very composed making her speech - husband William let out a little ‘Woooooo’ when she was introduced by healthcare chief executive Elizabeth Koff.

Aww I love them ❤❤ (via kateandwilllovestory)


4-19-14. After a busy day, Will & Kate enjoyed a rugby match at the Allianz Stadium to watch the NSW Waratahs take on the SA Bulls. It looks like part of the ‘royal entourage’ joined the couple, as I spy Kate’s hairdresser, a personal assistant (sitting next to Kate), adviser Sir David Manning (sitting next to William), and that looks like Rebecca, Kate’s private secretary, sitting directly behind Kate. Poor thing looked tuckered out—good thing her handsome hubby’s shoulder was right beside her to lean on!

Pretty sure I didn’t get the job :/



I’m at the airport about to leave for Atlanta! Wish me luck!

Yay! Welcome to Atlanta! It’s supposed to be rainy all day blah

I’m supposed to fly back tonight so hopefully it stops!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit the Bear Cottage Children’s Hospice

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I’m at the airport about to leave for Atlanta! Wish me luck!


Princess Charlène of Monaco posing for Hola magazine.

i love the way it sits, this is such a beautiful piece!

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Kate joked about William’s bald patch today, saying he could use a tuft of alpaca wool as a wig.When the couple were shown the wool Kate said to william: “you need it more than me”

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Wait a minute, does the Royal family die in The Day After Tomorrow??????????

In the movie, the storm affects everyone primarily in the northern hemisphere. Theoretically, they died when the eye of the storm passed over Scotland….

OMG Crystal said they were. I’m so offended the Royal family cannot just die like that wtf